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SUP Racing - Rautio Sports SUP Endurance Tour - Lahti, Finland, 11 August 2018

The SUP racing event in Lahti, part of the Finnish SUP Endurance Tour, offered a tough 22km race for the competitive guys and girls in very challenging and varying wind conditions. I joined the more relaxed 10km expedition of the open series, shooting with a Canon compact camera and a GoPro while i paddled, enjoying the company of the other paddlers. I finished my 10km in time to shoot the final moments of the 22km from the beach with heavier photographic tools. Thomas Fagerström won men's race just ahead of Lauri Palmroth, followed by Jari Laine, while Laura Pokela took the first place in women's race.

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SUP Racing - EuroTour: VI Sieravuori SUP Masters - Sieravuori, Finland, 6-7 July 2018

VI Sieravuori SUP masters was the 10th and final stop of the Euro Tour series of SUP races in summer 2018. The event started with an atmospheric Midnight Sun Beach Race on Friday evening. The main race was a 13km downwinder across Lake Pyhäjärvi. Photos from both days can be seen in the gallery below.

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SUP Racing - Finnish SUP Cup - Espoo, 27 May 2018

The Finnish SUP racing season 2018 kicked off with race #1 of the Finnish SUP Cup, orgazined by the Finnish SUP and Surf Federation. The conditions at the Mellsten beach in Espoo were warm and sunny for the more experienced guys battling it out for the top positions and the newcomers enjoying the challenge of the 10 km distance race and the short technical race course near the beach after that.

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SUP Racing - Finnish SUP Ranking Series - Espoo, 17 June 2017

The third event in the 2017 Finnish SUP Ranking Series was a 19km long distance race. The route started from the Mellsten beach in Espoo, visited Helsinki and went around the Lauttasaari island before returning to Mellsten. Thomas Fagerström took his first ever win with an impressive performance in a race that started under gray skies in light drizzle and ended in bright sunshine.

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SUP Racing - Finnish SUP Ranking Series - Helsinki, 20 May 2017

The Finnish SUP racing season got off to a fine start with an exciting race hosted by the Finnish SUP and Surf Federation in a central location. The long distance race saw the competitors paddle around islands just south of downtown Helsinki, while the technical race took place in the sheltered harbour of the HSS sailing club, providing a nice view of racing to the nearby seaside promenade.

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Windsurfing - Lauttasaari, Helsinki - 30 May 2010

It's a brand new summer! Check out a few photos from a warm-up windsurfing and shooting session on the still refreshingly cold Gulf of Finland waters, featuring Mr. Jari Laine and his new Maui Sails TR-6 sail. Go to Laineet.fi if you're in Finland and want to buy one.

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Windsurfing - Lauttasaari, Helsinki - Fall 2009

More windsurfing pictures from Lauttasaari, Helsinki. The photos were taken in August, September and October, most of them while either sitting on my surfing board or supporting my elbows on it. This set includes the SPLL Windsurfing Photograph of the Year 2009 winning shots.

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Windsurfing - Lauttasaari, Helsinki - 16 August 2009

Camera in a water-proof housing, I found myself right in the middle of some pretty cool windsurfing action in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. Great fun, surfing and shooting. Feel the splash! Dramatic weather changes on that day, too, from blue skies and bright sunshine to menacing storm clouds and whipping rain in a matter of minutes.

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